City of Las Vegas Detention Center

The City of Las Vegas Detention Center is an important way of finding inmate information, it is better than trying to call all the jails. It allows the people who would wish to find their relatives or friends to do so efficiently. The center utilizes modern technology to aid in the inmate search process.

City of Las Vegas Detention Center Location

The City of Las Vegas Detention Center is an important facility located in the metro are of the city for conducting an inmate search. The City of Las Vegas Detention Center provides users with numerous avenues to do the inmate search.

The center is located on Stewart Avenue in the 3300 block. That is in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. It is strategically placed there for easy access by anyone.

Las Vegas Inmate Search Tools

One of the tools used in inmate search is An efficient database search tool works on any day and time. It also offers information on a reliable Las Vegas bail bondsman. The tool is also accessible on weekends or holidays. It contains the latest information about inmates. The tool only makes information available for prisoners that have been booked and processed. is made even more efficient tool when combined with an efficient Las Vegas bail bondsman like eBAIL. The tool will save users frustrating calls to jails that go unanswered. Users of this tool who have further questions can call 702-608-2245 to get assistance.

Other Detention Centers in the City of Las Vegas

There are other detention centers located in the area. They are the Henderson Detention Center, Clark County Detention Center, and North Las Vegas Detention Center. They can also be used to access information about inmates.

Las Vegas Bail Bond Service

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Cost of a Bail Bond

Bail bonds in Las Vegas, Nevada costs 15% of the bond. In most cases, that is all that is paid. However, the amount may vary with collateral being required at times. It is especially so if the person who requires bail bonds in Las Vegas does not have local ties, work history, or other such factors.

Are there payment options?

eBAIL provides numerous payment options. For one, clients can pay cash. However, their online payment platform is quite efficient. Those who require their service can simply use their credit card to make payments.

Best Bail Bondsman in the City of Las Vegas

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